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24/10 Final Edinburgh updates


  An interview with the one and only, Figwit.
No, I'm not talking about Bret McKenzie- I already did an interview with him. I'm talking about FIGWIT. As in "Frodo is grea... who is THAT?!"

It's all on the Edinburgh page right here.


14/10 Yeaaaaaaah we rule!


  Two things that prove we're all doing something right:
Hate sites like Figwit is Evil and slash fanfic (Go Boromir! Go Figwit! Go Haldir!). Check some of the fanfic sites.

This is indeed a proud day for me. Only the really big stars get their own slash fanfic and hate sites!
Figwit is Evil is already on the links with the other Figwit sites (yeah, and they're all poking it with big sticks).

In the same spirit, I decided to add to the karaoke page a hate karaoke song that I was sent recently (the one marked "Legolas lovers strike back").

Figments page updated.
Karaoke page updated.


10/10 Diary update


  Edinburgh trip Diary is up!
Read it right here.

Last but not least Edinburgherer update coming soon. (What's so funny? Stop snickering).


28/09 Getting there...


  Some of you may have noticed that Yahoo.com gave Figwit his own category in their directory. In the cyber world this is a big honor! Yet another step in our quest to take over the wor... I mean... show Figwit to the world.

Figments page updated, with some great piccies and drawings.
Karaoke page updated with 2 new songs
Links page updated.
More updates soon!

I would like to give a great big thank you to Belethdelothiel for single handedly fixing and cleaning the html code on this site. Thanks, Beleth! And remember-we were cooler!


19/09 What's this?? AN UPDATE??? WOW!


  Finally! We have the interview we did with Bret McKenzie – go ahead and read it here:
Bret McKenzie: The beautiful owl that used to be a belly dancer

I still have plenty of updates to do, especially on Figments, and more Edinburgh trip items are coming up.  With Arwenelf leaving and some technical stuff being done, it's taken a lot of time and will probably still take a little more. Bear with me!


19/09 Playing with fire


  Take a good look at this picture:

This is wrong on so many levels... for example- those two don't have chest hair!

  Now, send hate mail to Jennifer, the person who did this.
By the way – she takes requests and she especially likes ones that include the words 'leather' and 'Legolas' in them.


17/09 Toodle pip! Cheery bye! THUNK


  So, the whipped cream ran out and the men in white coats finally caught up with me. Planet Bizzaro here I come. My bag is packed and I'm off to see the world through yellow tinted swimming goggles. I realise that I am beyond all help and therapy is simply another excuse to talk about Figwit to someone who has no choice but to shut up and listen as I am paying the bill.

I'm leaving Figwit Lives in DUH's very capable hands (if she will just leave the elf porn alone long enough). I have a million and one  things to do with my life for the time being (ok, I exaggerate, I added the million to the one). It's been a blast and someday I may pop back to haunt you all. Thanks to one and all.

The friends I've made along the way, who shared the madness and lead me astray...tehehe :-) Since discovering all about colour coding my *lightsaber* collection, life is forever changed! DUH, my partner in crime, the biggest thank you of all.

I'll leave you with my cookery corner.

So, while I am gone, behave badly if you must but have fun doing it! I know I did.




04/09 Home, sweet Home...


  Those of you who visit the site often already know that when we say something like- "We plan to do an online diary so check the site soon" what we really mean is- "There will be no updates in the next 4 weeks". For those of you who didn't know that... we apologize.

Anyway, we had a blast in Edinburgh! We're working on the material we have and will update the site over the next week. ("We'll update the site over the next week" = "We'll update 1-2 months from now").

Meanwhile, check the scan of the USA Today article.
Read the article that was published on the official Edinburgh Fringe festival site.
Read the great reviews Flight of The Conchords got here and here.

We leave you with this sound file of Bret McKenzie practicing his Pluck You.

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