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  This is where I put... well everything that doesn't belong on Figments.
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Figwit news

  Edinburgh trip page. includes an interview with Bret, an interview with Figwit, a diary and other sillines.
  Elf vs. Alf (Entertainment Weekly )
  Elfin Charmer nets fans (USA Today)
  Fans give a fig about Rings extra (The Dominion)
  Figwit (The Big Issue)
  Figwit- unpublished version (The Big Issue)
  Figwit steals Frodo's thunder (Guardian Unlimited)
  Moody Elf An Unlikely Cult Hero: Scan and transcript. Appeared in a few variations in several newspapers. (Daily Telegraph)
  Netting 15 Megabytes of fame (The Toronto Star)
  Strong, Silent Type (Yahoo! Internet Life)

Bret McKenzie news

  MP3 file of radio interview,
MP3 file of Frodo, Don't Wear The Ring (Zero-G, 3RRR FM Melbourne)
  Conchords land in west end (Capital Times)
  Conchords win #1 spot in fest's top 5 festival hunks (Fest)
  Flight of The Conchords review
  Friends for auction (Capital Times)
  Interview with Bret McKenzie
  Lord of the Fringe (Edinburgh Fringe Festival official site)
  Monsters of... folk (Guardian Unlimited)
  Tickets to Fly (Sun Star Times)
  Tongan Ninja story #1
  Tongan Ninja story #2
  Tranzmissions: Article #1 Article #2
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