July/August 2002

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07/08 Exciting news and some boring announcements



First, check out this great article from USA Today.
We will post a scan from the newspaper if we get one! 

That's it! We're off to Edinburgh. We plan to do an online diary so check the site soon.
For all the people who made contributions to the Figments page- sorry! it's going to take a little time until we put them up.

You can gawk at this picture while we're gone (and no... clawing at the screen doesn't make him come out. I learned that the hard way).

Thanks to Lhunuial for the lovely drawing!


31/07 DVD news and hate mail


  Those of you who have seen the preview of the extended DVD edition of FOTR (released in November) surely noticed the new council footage.
Do you realize what this means?! Tape your eyes open, don't blink. We might get an extra 0.25 seconds of Figwit! Or 0.50 seconds. Who knows? Figgy may double in length!

Thanks to Jennifer, my favorite distributer of elf porn, for this.

Now, I don't know where this slew of hate mail from Legolas lovers is coming from but please stop. You're giving all of us Leggy lovers and drooling elf tarts a bad name. ahem.


23/07 Figwit Documentary being filmed. Yep you read that right.


  Things have been happening the last few days here on Planet Bizzaro. We were approached by a team of people from over in New Zealand who have gotten together and are making a Figwit documentary. We have been asked if we would like to contribute and are more than happy to help toward causing chaos and mayhem. As to us actually appearing on camera, well, we want the world to sleep peacefully at night! Who knows, we may put in an appearance. *Excuse us while we have a meltdown here*

It appears that as we are trooping along to the Edinburgh Festival to see the Elvish impersonator Bret McKenzie perform in Flight of The Conchords that this would be a great opportunity for us all to meet and be interviewed and so on. The guy directing this worked on the LOTR films (more info later) and is going to be arriving here in the UK soon. We will keep you all posted on what is happening.
We will then be meeting up with Bret at the Ed Fest and finding out what he thinks of all the Figwit madness (and also my newly discovered obsession for whipped cream). That is if we have not passed out in shock! *Excuse us while we have a meltdown here*

The people behind this project have followed Figwit since the early days and are keen to hear from anyone going to the Edinburgh Festival to see FoTC perform. You may be filmed/interviewed about Figwit (but do not have to appear on film). Anyone interested can contact edinfest@figwitlives.net. They are trying to arrange this in a short space of time so be quick! Let them know the date you will be at the show and hopefully something can be set up for when you see FoTC perform. The guy behind this is there the whole month and is happy to hear you wax about Figgy. He will be in touch with anyone emailing in. *Excuse us while we have a meltdown here*

Also, anyone with any stories or thoughts on the Figwit thing please feel free to contribute to the project and send them in. They may be used in the documentary.

So, for all those out there that have followed us, laughed with us, you may finally get to laugh AT us! Eeeep, the thought! *Excuse us while we have a meltdown here* We will keep you posted and hope to hear from you.



23/07 Some Long overdue updates...


  New picture!
Figments page updated: We have songs! Limericks! Figwit riding a broom! (Yeah as if he needs compensating).



18/07 Capital Times article


  News just in from Larry Pritchard. Thanks for this one Larry, my computer monitor got one helluva coffee shower this morning when I read this clipping.
It seems the Elvish impersonator Bret McKenzie is thinking of putting himself up for grabs (not literally sadly, but you lot out there can still dream). He is on a mission, quest, thing to raise funds for the Edinburgh Festival trip where Flight of the Conchords will be performing in August.

I was LMAO reading the article. This snippet caught my eye: "There is definitely going to be one Figwit fan." Errrr, yes, that'll be *ME*. And not forgetting DUH and a few others who will be joining the quest (does that still count as one fan?). Ah yes, the flight from Planet Bizzaro will be docking in Edinburgh very shortly. I hope that my secret plan to nail them all shut in the apartment will work and I can have all the tickets to the show for myself.

Anyhoo, more on our little adventure in the near future. For now, get reading the article and send us your pies, sardines, Chicken Tonight or even a Deluxe muffin (but mind the crumbs when you post it). Help the cause. Feed Figw... Bret. Plus I'm a bit peckish now having read all those food references... hmmm whipped cream anywhere about here? Elves?!


14/07 Figwit in Yahoo! Internet Life *Updated*


  Figwit got a mention in Yahoo! Internet Life magazine!
Read it here.
If any of you can email us and explain that cheesy last line, please do.

UPDATE- A couple of people did email us and explained this is the last line from Spiderman. Tell me, who is this Spiderman? Is he Noldorin? Sindarin? What do you mean 'He's not an elf'?!

Thanks to Cheryl and Lhunu!


11/07 Figwit kicks booty


  Things are afoot in the world of Figwit. First up is Big Brother 4 over on the Imladris forums. Angleet is the person responsible for BB over there and has a great thread going on. There are a fair few pages to wade through but all the escapades of the contestants can be found posted by Angleet. I chortled mightily reading all that has gone on so far. What will Figwit do next? Angleet we hope you are recovering there and are looking forward to when you can post the next update on the Big Brother house. Thanks to Jonathan for sending this in!

Next up we have Legolas versus Figwit. I do like that Figwit found another use for his guitar here. Thanks to Sarah aka Crunkette for sending this in. This battle can be found in our Figments section, along with the others Figwit has fought. I recently reorganised them and arranged them into a slightly less confusing layout for the reader. They are now shown in a somewhat more readable order.


11/07 More news...


  Well, the latest news is that Bret McKenzie has released a song on Capital Recordings.
I think this is how Figwit would sound if he stopped shouting obscenities in elvish for a moment and started purring words of devotion in my ear instead...
Check it out it's great! (Track no.8)

Once again, thanks to Agent Clarke for this! :)


06/07 Listen up now! This is serious!


  If you're planning on buying the fullscreen FOTR DVD this August you might want to look at this email from Lorien:

"...I thought I would throw this out there so you could encourage all Figwit fans to purchase the widescreen edition of FOTR.

I was able to order FOTR while in Vegas this week as one of the in-room movies (Oh joy!) but guess what? NO FIGWIT! The one good shot of him (the crucial Who Is THAT? moment) is cut out!

This is just a guess, but I would think the "formatted to fit your TV" version of FOTR will be Figwit-less and Figwit fans will need to purchase the widescreen edition in order to feast their eyes on the glory that is Figwit. The edition I just saw is, as my sister said, Figwif (Frodo is great...where is Figwit?)."

We confirmed this with a friend (yes, we have one) who also watched FOTR while in a hotel and the fullscreen (aka fullframe) version is indeed, FIGWIF.
You have been warned! When you go shopping for the DVD this August, make sure you get the widescreen version.

Big thanks to Lorien for this!


05/07 Oooo Goodie!


  We have another report from Larry Pritchard, check it out here!
I love the 10,000 dancing Uruk Hai idea but I would make some minor changes- they would be dancing for *my* birthday, wearing nothing but well placed Mallorn leaves.
Oh and they would all be elves...

Wow... I'm getting very predictable, aren't I?

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