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04/08/2005 Flight of The Conchords on Conan O'Brien


  Yeah, you heard it.

Thursday, September 8

This is awesome. I love me some Conan. If all goes well I should be able to upload a video clip of the appearance.

They're also doing a series for BBC Radio 2 and it's possible to listen to the live or archived episodes online. Check here.
Whatthefolk.net has a couple of mp3 files from the first episode here.

Figures that something like this happens two days after I put up a notice about the website being on hiatus. I fail at life.


20/03/2005 DVD extended edition news! Well... Olds.


  Hello hello hello! Not much going on in the realm of Figwit but I did neglect to mention something very important that I'm sure many of you know already:

There is a mention of Figwit on the extended DVD by none other than PJ and Fran Walsh! It's in the director commentary, chapter 9- Arwen's Vision. Here is a transcript (opens new window) for those of you who don't have access to the DVD/are lazy.

Sweet! It's nothing we didn't already know but it's really nice hearing it straight from the er... fishesss mouths.

If you find anything else on the DVD let me know. I didn't notice anything else myself. Thanks to everyone who sent info!

TOPPS has issued another autographed Figwit card- It's different from the first one as you can see here. Thanks to Jen for this!

If you liked the wallpaper I talked about last time you should definitely check these wonderful Figgy wallpapers (click wallpapers, then "Figwit"). The non Figwit wallpapers are gorgeous too. Many thanks to AJ for sending the link!

BTW- if you live in Canada or your local channels show newer episodes of the comedy show Just for Laughs you just might catch Flight of The Conchords in action. Well worth it! They sing a few songs and make a few jokes. Once again- thanks, AJ! :)

Figments has been updated with a couple of new items. Also archived news. That's about it!

Oh wait. One last thing. Switch to Firefox browser. IE sucks.
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24/10/2004 Big news!!!!111one11


  Big FoTC news! Bret McKenzie and his pal Jemaine Clement have been signed by NBC (big American network) to develop a show with them as the main characters:

"Writers of top American television shows including Will and Grace, Scrubs and King of the Hill have been vying to create a comedy series starring Wellington comedians Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie... NBC signed a development deal after seeing their Flight of the Conchords show, which mixes comedy with parodies of folk and pop songs, at the Montreal Comedy Festival in July... Clement and McKenzie, who are also producers, will be in the show, along with American actors."

Read the rest here.

I thought those NBC people just wanted to put them on Conan O'Brien or something... little did I know! This is awesome. Congratulations, guys!
(Again I remind you to check whatthefolk.net for updates about FoTC. It's updated much more often than this website these days).

Lazra writes:

Figwit's impersonator spotted... on Comedy Central. I was catching the Friday night stand-ups on CC and caught a show called "World Comedy Tour 4". Flight of the Conchords was one of the acts. Bret and Germaine did a little banter back and forth, then sang one of their songs. A great little taste of FotC that will probably be rerun to death if CC's patterns hold true.

In other words- if you get Comedy Central keep an eye out for those reruns. Thanks, Lazra!

Now you too can adorn your desktop with this lovely figwitlives.net wallpaper that my very own sister made. Yaaaaaay nepotism! Funny that I never noticed the lack of this particular fansite essential before.


Click for the big version. To use just right click and choose 'Set as background'.

  Last but definitely not least- Figwit has been playing some more hockey. Check it out!

Figments updated.
Karaoke updated.
links updated.


20/08/2004 All done


  Here is the Aegnor FAQ. There is a permanent link to it from the regular FAQ.

As promised- I've updated the hate mail page.

In more Earthly news Flight of The Conchords are doing very well in Edinburgh. They might be nominated for a Perrier award again this year! Check whatthefolk.net for regular updates, news and reviews. The guys made an appearance on BBC's Radio 2 a few days ago and you can listen to one of the songs they played as well.

Here is another tidbit I just got- did you know that a young Bret McKenzie started his acting career as a hobbit? It was for a for Khandallah (suburb of Wellington) Arts Theatre. Must be destiny. Thanks, Maggie :)


10/08/2004 Aegnor, Documentary, Flight of The Conchords.


  This update was supposed to be bigger but since I can't finish it at the moment I'll just post what I have so far. Next update I will fill you in on Aegnor and there may be a small update for the hate mail page so check it out! FAQ update also coming.

Speaking of Aegnor- remember I told you someone maliciously photosopped a 5 o'clock shadow on that Decipher card? Well I have the stubble free original right here thanks to Jody Larkin. Much better, isn't it? Ah... the wonders of photoshop.

To those who are interested in acquiring one of those Aegnor Decipher cards- it's actually pretty easy. This is a new release and the card is common so you shouldn't have a problem getting one for a couple of US$$. Try eBay or online shops (Cardhaus for example). Just make sure they ship to your country before buying.

News about the Figgy documentary pouring in! Here is what I have so far:
This nice article from the NZ Herald
Two reviews on theonering.net- #1, #2.
Richard Scheib at The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review also has a nice review.
Another great review from someone's live journal here. <--- heh I knew Ian McKellen had the hots for him.

From Moira Vee:

I have just seen the screening at the Auckland Film Festival. It is great. I laughed so much I was crying and had to keep my glasses off. Luckily I could still see Figwit in all his glory. So make sure you see it; Frodo is Great, Who is That? for the uninitiated. now we all need to support the film makers and get it out on DVD.

A few people asked me if this docu will be available outside New Zealand- I asked one of the makers and they are going to try and take it to other international film festivals but it's much too early to think about a DVD release or anything like that. I'll keep you posted!

Flight of The Conchords are appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival again this year. If you're going (and you really really should) it would probably wise to order your tickets ahead of time- now that they have the coveted "Perrier nominated" title they will probably have a full house every evening. Good luck, guys!
The Guardian already published one great review.

Figments, Karaoke and links updated.

Last but not least- check out the cute custom Figwit minimate made my Gregg Keefer. Thanks! :)


14/07/2004 Whoa


  Wow I never thought this would actually happen:

Alright! Lets do this in an orderly fashion:

The name

The Encyclopedia of Arda says:

Youngest of Finarfin's sons

The son of Finarfin and elder brother of Galadriel, lost in the Dagor Bragollach.

Aegnor is the ONLY male elf who fell in love with a mortal woman in Tolkien canon. It's always the other way around. Is this fanservice or is this fanservice :D
(UPDATE: I guess not everyone knows what fanservice IS. It's basically anything designed to excite or titillate the fan. Gratuitous shots of a female character's cleavage or shirtless male characters, expendable yet cool looking action scenes... stuff like that. I don't know if this was intentional or not but the result is the same).

Reera the Red from theonering.net messageboards says:

All of Galadriel's brothers died in Middle-earth. Aegnor was said to have loved a mortal woman, Andreth, but did not marry her before his death. We are told that Finrod, the oldest brother, was reembodied and living in Valinor. While we don't have specific references on the others, it seems most likely they'd be there as well. At any rate, if Galadriel's brother Aegnor was in Middle-earth, he would be a much more important person than Figwit appears to be here.

Elves never used the same name twice and yet this is not the original Aegnor. Some elves were re-embodied and returned to Middle Earth but it's not clear if this is the case here. see The Problem of the Two Glorfindels for more details.

Anyone knows the literal meaning of the name? Drop an email!

The caption

Muahahaha! Yeah I'll exert him alright. He can skirmish my unbound companion ANY day.

The mini caption

'Affectionately referred to as 'Figwit' by his contemporaries in Rivendell'

awwwwwwwwwwwww sweetness! I'm touched :)

The picture

Yep. I know what you're thinking and I'm thinking it too. It's obvious. Some bitter soul photoshopped a five o'clock shadow onto his face. Everyone knows elves don't have facial hair. Well ok there was that Cirdan the Shipwright dude but he doesn't count... he also has a card but he doesn't seem to have a beard in it. Maybe it's a magical beard and they're playing musical beards with it... Cirdan! Haldir! Figwit! Arwen! Yeah I know I'm rambling. Hmm? I don't see any stubble or beard in this picture. You need to check your eyesight. Are you on crack?

I obviously need to update the FAQ but it's already the middle of the night so I'll leave it for now.

Thanks to Probono-sama for the help!


25/06/2004 A tumbleweed slowly goes by...


  Two months, eh? Is that a new record? It's not totally *my* fault. There isn't a lot to update *with*. You do NOT want this website to turn into some sort of blog where I ramble on about my fascination with cute, flexible Japanese guys.

First things first- the spam filter for the Figwit Lives! email account went berserk and filtered a bunch of your emails into the spam folder. I think I managed to salvage most of the emails but if you emailed me about something important and didn't get a reply- send it again!
04/07 UPDATE: But wait! There is more! The website also had some down time and I couldn't receive any emails. So yeah... you know the drill.

Remember the Figwit documentary we told you about oh... two years ago? It seems like it's finally complete. It's called "Frodo Is Great... Who Is That?!!" and if all goes as planned it'll premier at the New Zealand Film Festival in Auckland and Wellington. That's all I know for now. Check the website for the time and place!

Next- remember that write-a-Figwit-poem-and-win-an-autographed-TOPPS-card competition held by Pink Khaki (who since then changed their name to "25 % Online Entertainment Magazine")? Yeah I thought you did. Well... the winner was announced (congrats!) and you can read a few of the Figwit poems and limericks that were sent here!

And then there is this Kiss Figwit link. It's just like the real thing! I say this from personal experience. OK that was a blatant lie. Still.

You might be interested to know that Bret McKenzie has released a solo album under the name Video Kid. The album is called Prototype and you can find more information here. You can also listen to tracks and order the CD here and here.

In other Elvish impersonator news, Bret has a cameo in a new film called Futile Attraction. It's a mockumentary about a film crew making a Reality TV show and Jemaine Clement, Bret's buddy from Flight of The Conchords, is also in it. The movie sounds like a lot of fun but unfortunately the production doesn't have any money left for post production- they're trying to raise money through the web so if you want to be 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon here is your chance! Check the website for more info.

Finally, this:

Hehehehe so cute. Taken from Entertainment Weekly by Joelle (thanks, Joelle!)

Links updated.


26/04/2004 Burninating the updates


  Bite size update! You Don't Have to Be Crazy to Play Bongos, But it Helps is the name of the new Conchords show. It's funny because it's true! (??!) Check here for details.

Also check out this article/bio- it mentions Bret's new solo album- Prototype. Good luck, Bret!
Thanks to Krista for this one! Mmmm... horns.

Oh and eh... thanks Sara Calinas Becci Halliwell as well! ;)

FAQ updated.
Figments updated.


22/03/2004 From the Man himself


  Oh wow. That must have been a new record. I always think I don't have time to update and then it only takes a couple of hours and I feel guilty. But lets go straight to business:

Susan Wloszczyna, a reporter from USA Today who did many LOTR related items including one article about Figwit, got to speak with Peter Jackson back when the Oscar nominations were announced and she asked him about Figwit. Check out her email:

"Hey Iris -- Talked to Peter Jackson today and the last thing I mentioned was Figwit... He did say he shot the scene during pickups as a treat to the fans who created this phenom (like, you) and he was very proud of the fact he gave Bret a line of dialogue."

Awwwww... that's so sweet. I may weep openly. Thanks, PJ! And congrats on all the Oscars. It was fun seeing all the other people pretend to be happy for you. Big thanks to Susan herself for this one!

I don't think the Figwit saga is done yet. It's reasonable to expect some sort of Figwit mention in one of the future ROTK DVDs. Maybe something in one of the commentaries? Looking forward to it, whatever it is.

That reminds me- I've noticed that the ROTK credits over at imdb.com no longer include Bret McKenzie. The funny thing is that when I compared this list to others on the net I realised that he's the ONLY one that was taken out. That probably means some idiot has submitted this change and for some reason it was greenlighted by the imdb people. Do me a favor- go there (if you're registered) and hit the 'update' button at the bottom to report the omission. The name is "Bret McKenzie" and the role is "elf escort". Maybe if enough people do it they'll fix this.

Speaking of Bret McKenzie- check out this new website for The Video Kid (Bret's new band/project). The pictures are teh funny! Thanks to Jess for this one.
There is also this nice interview with the Black Seeds that was on the Kiwi TV show Flipside. Thanks, Kate!

Now for something completely different. The Dom-Land Caribou, the best and most important Middle Earth sports website, reports about the most important match of the season (well, for me) Dom-Land Caribou Vs. The Eldar. I'm sure you know where THIS is going. Check it out. Funny stuff!

One last thing- a bunch of people sent me great Figwit Bud faces but that was a long time ago and they all kind of er... expired since then. I can post them here if you re-do them and drop me a note.

Figments updated.
Links updated.


27/01/2004 A few new tidbits


  Another small update. Sorry... no time for anything else.

You can win an autographed Figwit TOPPS card! Hop over to Pink Khaki (the contests section).

I updated the FAQ again- last time I forgot to update the question regarding the possiblity of Figwit being Elladan or Elrohir. You can go there to read about it. I also fiddled with a few other Q&As.

Finally, check out this movie thingie. Hilarious! This stuff is addictive. I made one myself- it's the lines that were cut from the movie. Thanks to Threthiel for this!

Oh wait... don't leave the theater yet. There is more. go here if you want to find out who your LOTR man is. Why am I showing you this when there are numerous other quizzes just like this? Well, it's the only one that has Figwit as one of the options. I won't tell you who I got in the #1 place, though. it's too embarrassing.

Figments updated.
Links updated.
FAQ updated.


12/01/2004 I smote them. I smote them good.


  Well, everything is back to normal. I assure you that obnoxious F.L.A.w.e.d group won't be back. I think they joined some wolverine/nightcrawler fanfic club somewhere. Fangirls are so fickle.

You won't be surprised to hear that I don't have time for a serious update but I WILL update soon with my own ROTK thoughts and a few opinions and ideas from other people. If you have any, email me.

I updated the FAQ with ROTK info. Oddly enough, some people weren't sure where to find Figwit in the movie! He looked different, but not THAT different. So for those of you who are confused, here is the relevant part from the FAQ:

"It's very simple. In the scene where we see Arwen leaving for the Grey Havens and has that Ring-flu induced hallucination about her effeminate future son, Figwit is the one that tell her to get her bony ass back with the others. His exact words: "Lady Arwen, we cannot delay!" and then- "My lady!".

Some people say it has another, secret meaning. That's up to you to decide!"

A coupla other things: I HIGHLY recommend you visit this page.

Also, check out the back side of TOPPS card #2 (Return To Rivendell). I didn't mention it before because of it's spoilerish nature. Thanks to sprite for this!


Click for a bigger version. Apparently some of this didn't make it into the movie. Good.

  BTW- if you happen to have an extra Figwit TOPPS card lying around, all alone with no one to love it, and you're willing to send it to me, the toppless one (har har! get it?), email me!

See you again soon!

FAQ updated.
Gallery updated.

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