June 2002

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27/06 A bunch of things you need to know...


  *There's going to be a Figwit card after all! Chuck Kallenbac, senior designer at Decipher, said so and we believe him.
*FAQ is updated!
*Did you visit the link page lately? No less than 3 new Figwit links and a bunch of other great LOTR links.
*We're now affiliated with Greenleaf Greenleaf- one wig to rule them all, and ninthlife.net.
*Oh yeah and we have banners for linking to us on the link page. (Thanks to Jennifer from DTIFSU for letting us raid her elf porn stash).
*I'm going to the Reading Festival and you're not.
*I mean the music festival. Not the book festival.
*Oh you knew that.. ok.

18/06 Figwit remains nameless


  Well, I threw my tantrum, had a hissy fit and generally yelled a lot. It was a lot of fun, and now it's time to let you know what's happening.
Check out this new article about the Council of Elrond at Decipher- it appears that Figwit will remain nameless .

The (only) good news from this is that the two elves sitting on either side of Elrond are not his sons.
I will conveniently ignore the fact that they were 'out upon errantry' at the time of the council and pretend he is either Elladan or Elrohir.

I hope you realize that means there are two of him...

I doubt I will ever be proven wrong (or right) although the twins are supposed to appear in TTT they will probably be replaced by *cringe* Arwen so we will never know for sure!

We will update the FAQ soon.


13/06 Catch FoTC in Edinburgh Fringe Festival


  Was all ready to jump on a plane and go to New Zealand to see Flight of The Conchords in action (well in my dreams at least) when we heard the news confirmed about them playing here in old Blighty. My back yard! Much thunking ensued and now I have my composure back I am writing to let you know the details.

The FOTC will be on these shores very soon. Performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival no less. Check out the site for more info and dates. They are appearing from August 2nd to 26th it looks like and tickets can be booked online. Woohoo!

I for one will don my AFDB and zoom up the motorway dodging traffic on the M6, to see them perform. I’ve booked my tickets and I’m ready to laugh. Will I be able to spot the Elvish impersonator? Or will I be confused by his amazing likeness to Figgy? What to wear? What not to wear! When can I leave…NOW!

*Does Road Runner impression out the door leaving a trail of dust*.

Go us! Go them!


13/06 "Leggy’s cute and all that, but I think I could hang out with Figwit."


  From the mouths of babes.
Check out this sweet email from Arianrhod:

I just wanted to let you know – Figwit lives in my house.

I have the sweetest little blue budgie, and of course, his name is Figwit. He is very young, and just the cutest thing you ever did see…so his name was a natural. Both of my daughters (ages 8 & 5) think he is the best (as compared to my angry African Grey parrot, Artoo). We voted on his name – my husband wanted Thunder – which is the silliest thing you could name budgie, in my opinion (I’ve no clue where he was coming from here). My girls insisted he was Figwit. After all: young, cute, sweet…is that not Figwit?!

I leave you with a quote from my 8 yr-old:
"Leggy’s cute and all that, but I think I could hang out with Figwit."

Thanks, Arianrhod!


10/06 New Look!


  Everyone (excepting you guys) thinks were mad. So, not wanting to disappoint everyone, we will not deny the fact. We have our deflector beanies squished in place and our mission, quest, thing all in hand. Where are we going again?

Firstly, inDUHvidual and I would like to say thank you to all who took an interest in Figwit. You laughed with us on the boards, you laughed at us in our deflector beanies and you have had us laughing way too much with your fantastic imaginations and wit. When the site began, nothing could have prepared us for what happened next. We have been in constant THUNK mode since it was linked from theonering.net. Thanks to all at TORN, for help, advice and support.

So, what does all this mean for inDUHvidual and I? We now have job descriptions and new email addys! And naturally will keep you posted on all matters concerning Figwit. We have added new bits to the site already so check them out. And a gorgeous new look! We have a Figments fan page, you come up with the goods and we will put it up here for all. Feel free to email any info/chat/Q’s etc concerning Figwit to us at mail@figwitlives.net If you want to contact inDUHvidual or Arwenelf direct feel free, see the About Us section. We both believe in answering our emails, but bear with us if we don’t reply as promptly as we would like. We do both have lives, surprisingly enough, and will get there eventually.

Figwit fever has traveled the globe! We all went THUNK. About a zillion times over. We scraped ourselves off the floor only to go THUNK again when the next piece of news came in. It has not yet stopped…..We are here to enjoy ourselves and hope you do too. But, and there is always a but……How insane are we? You can only imagine…..BWAHAHAHAHA THUNK!

Arwenelf & inDUHvidual


10/06 Updates


  New song.
New animated gif.

Thanks to Jeannine and Threthiel for those!

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