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23/05 E is for Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir.... hmm...


  Not much can distract me when I'm alphabetizing my elf porn collection, but this did: a review of a Flight of the Conchords performance, sent in by Morgana Le Fey.
Read it here.
Check out two other reviews here and here

Thanks to Morgana and Agent Clarke for this!


14/05 Flight of the Conchords and New page


  Flight of the Conchords with Elvish impersonator Bret McKenzie are performing at the international Laugh festival, through May 18. If you happen to catch this duo perform, drop us a note and tell us about it!
click here for more details.

Audio page go bye bye and instead we have a new page: Figments. It's great!
(I could say it's figtastic but I still have some dignity left).


05/05 Exclusive Interview with Bret McKenzie


  He speaks!
So - did he say "Pluck you!" at the Council?
What does he think about Elvish grooming habits?
What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen African swallow?
er... wait... he doesn't answer that last one.
Read it here.

Huge thanks to Larry Pritchard for this interview!


05/05 FIGWIT, I am your father, updated 15/05


  Guess who we found?
Searched high and low and finally we looked down the back of the sofa! And guess what people we found him. Covered in fluff and with a couple of coins stuck in odd places but it's him! Who you ask? Why, Elendil of course. Played by none other than Peter McKenzie.
Yes, that would be Peter McKenzie father of the Elvish impersonator Bret McKenzie. *THUNK*

We were barely keeping up with all the information flooding our email, when there in the midst was one that caught our eye, a peach, a gold nugget of an email no less. So, after a few days of exchanging friendly and humorous emails we are finally going public and sharing with you all. It is a known fact in NZ but we are not sure just who else out there knows.

Peter has been a real gem about all this and has had me (Arwenelf) puzzling out the story.
And going *THUNK* lots! So, Peter, take a bow. We are pleased to put you in our hall of fame. And would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having such a wonderful sense of humour about all of the Figwit phenomenon.

But wait, what is this...*THUNK* Arwenelf and inDUHvidual don their AFDB and run off to research news coming in. Here's a tidbit to keep you going till we get back...there is more to The Council of Elrond than meets the eye. The soap opera continues....


05/05 Updates!


  About time, eh?
FAQ updated.
3 new songs.
2 animated Gifs, thanks to Skybly and Istari.
Do you have any contributions? Send them here!

We have many more updates but we know most mortals can't handle so much Figwit at once.

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