April 2002

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17/04 Newspaper clip from The Dominion.


  Check it out! it's great!
Fans give a fig about Rings extra.
Thanks to David and Agent Clark for this.

16/04 We want an action figure!  Yea you heard us!


  Press his nose he says "Pluck you!"or "......?" or maybe "...., ..!"
Squeeze his legs and he pouts.
Move his hand and he flicks his hair over his shoulder.

Bwahahahaha! er... sorry we're very tired and so many things are happening.
Be sure to come back later for more surprising news.


16/04 More on Bret McKenzie


  Arwenelf and inDUHvidual are back from their unexpected trip. Not that we actually
went very far. In fact we went nowhere, simply sat glued to our pooter screens.
Travelling all over the web in our search to find out more about the elusive Elvish impersonator Bret McKenzie.

We received info and tips from all over about Bret. Some were plainly mistaken in their sightings; others seemed to be on to something. But what? ?We donned our AFDB once again and off we went, hormones racing. DUH and I are most impressed with what we found and are delighted to share with you all here.

Bret has many strings to his bow it seems. He sings, acts, and does comedy.

Our first port of call is the Classic club and bar in Auckland, New Zealand. Here, on certain nights you can find the music comedy duo calling themselves Flight of the Conchords. Bret is one half, the other Jemaine Clement. Now, we cannot say just what it is they do exactly.
Not seen them live (yet) but check out the links and reviews on them. From what we know they are up and coming and gathering a loyal following. If anyone has seen them perform
and wants to share, please email away to us here.

So, moving on, next stop; The Black Seeds. Interesting. Sites on this band abound.
We found their own site. Little to go on there. So, intrigued we set off again. Ended up here. So, a real mix of sound it would seem. We are searching for sound on the band and will keep you posted.

Our Elvish impersonator is a real talent it would seem. We are searching for info on him, the comedy act, band and anything else we can find. So, if you know anything, send it in. If you spot the Elvish impersonator, be sure to tell us about it.

Keep the info rolling in; the more we know the more we will be able to post here!


15/04 Gorgeous Elvish impersonator spotted....Figwit is gre...who is THAT?


  It has been a hectic weekend for inDUHvidual and Arwenelf on Planet Bizzaro. Thanks toTOR.n putting Figwit Lives! on their homepage, we're getting hundreds of hits every hour since it went up there. We eventually scraped ourselves off the floor, where we had THUNKED
out, and got back to our pooters and got to work to bring you the updates.

Busy weekend, our nights sleepless and our days spent mopping up pools of drool. Our guest book filled up, along with our email. Speculation went into overdrive, along with our hormones. So, what have we learnt? Hmmm? We donned our AFDB and went on a mission, quest, thing.

Shock news story...according to a number of reports from people out there, it would appear that there is a Figwit lookalike. An Elvish impersonator no less. From what little we know of him, for he is an elusive sort it seems, we can tell you the following. His name is Bret McKenzie. We can say for sure that he does such a good impression of an elf that people seem to think he is Figwit. He is a man of many talents. He shares a birthday with no one we know. 

Oh and he is gorgeous.

We want to know of our Elvish impersonator: can he sing? Does he wiggle his hips?
And just how does he look in flares, sequins and sideburns?

So, Figwit fans around the world unite. and know that Figwit does indeed live. And has a lookalike so alike he could be Figwit. And if he were Figwit, then who is the impersonator and where are his sideburns?
Check out this link.
And come back later for more updates!


15/04 Fresh from the oven- a new site!


  Another site has been set up to worship at the temple of Figwit-
Such A Pretty Face- The Figwit fan list
It's great! Check out the pictures,codes and become a member!
Thanks to Tara and Cait for this.

15/04 That's not Figgy!


  Many of you are sending us pictures- bless you all!
Many sent in this picture: a dark haired elf standing behind Arwen with two other elves.
It's not Figwit! We can see how some people might think it's him- the hair, the high cheekbones, the fact that Arwen looks like a shrew (Figwit always overshadows others with his beauty) but it's definitely not Figboy.

15/04 New pic!


  Check the Gallery page.
Big thanks to Keely!

12/04 No! Figwit...no! Figwit, don't give in! Not now!


  Well, it happened. A link to this site was posted on the biggest LOTR fan site around- theonering.net and the site can't take the pressure.
So if you have problems viewing some of the pages- we apologize. Come back later!
Figgy will still be here in his majestic poutiness and... you guessed it! gorgeousness.
HUGE thanks to the goddess Kathrin aka skybly for all the help!

06/04 First pet named after Figwit.


  A cat- naturally.
The gracefulness... the sophisticated gorgeousness... The Stare... the way he rubs himself against... huh? er... anyway- that's our Figwit!
Thanks to Sara (Taurewen) for the info!
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