March 2002

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30/03 Figwit speaks update.


  We've been hearing some disturbing rumors and would like to clarify something:
Figwit DID NOT say "F*** you!" during the argument scene.
Maybe he said "Pluck you!" (Have you not seen his eyebrows? they're gorgeous!)
It was probably in elvish anyway so we'll never know.

30/03 New page!


  The Arena. Enjoy!

30/03 New pic!


  Check the Gallery page

28/03 New picture!


  It seems our research team missed one.
You're all fired!
Thanks Kalayna! Visit her site for TONS of LOTR pics.

28/03 There is still hope!


  According to rumors, the next expansion for the LOTR card game will be called "Realm of the Elf Lords". The Decipher cards already featured 7 of the 13 council members- there's a good chance the next card set will feature Figgy!

28/03 Another mystery solved!


  It seems that Figwit *can* talk.
If you look hard enough during the argument scene at the council, you'll see Figwit arguing with the others.
We have *no* idea how they managed to stand before his menacing (yet gorgeous) frown and live to tell the tale.
We'll update the FAQ soon
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