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  F is for Figwit Great new site! check it out!

Fans of Figwit Not all the sections are up yet but it has an awesome sounds page!

Figwit is Evil The first ever Figwit hate site.

I am Figwit We don't really believe Figwit wrote this (especially the part about naked jello wrestling), but we can always pretend it's authentic (especially the part about naked jello wrestling).

Kiss Figwit Exactly what it says!

Mr Mysterious Elf A small (but growing slowly) fan site run by the members themselves.

Such a Pretty Face Figwit fanlisting!

Across The Sea This new one is Fanfic-y in nature. Elrond-Figwit to be precise.

The Argonath OK, we have to say we don’t know much about this site except it has a shrine to Figwit there. Well that is reason enough to list it! And the other cast members also get a mention.

The Figwit Place Ooooo, this has Figgy on video (all of his 3 seconds!) Arghhhh…THUNK

Herr der Ringe The German LOTR site has a cool write up on Figboy. They also kindly did an English version in case you don’t understand German. Loads of other stuff there too.


Bret McKenzie info

  The Black Seeds- official The site of yes, you guessed it The Black seeds. Bret inna band. And pretty good from what we've heard!

Video Kid- official Bret's other musical group. You need flash but it's worth it.

The Classic The comedy club where Flight of the Conchords can sometimes be found performing. Bret is one half of a comedy duo. If you get a chance to go- do it! They're brilliant.

What the Folk! "This site is about Flight of the Conchords. No, really it is."

Let's Bret it on! First (unofficial) Bret fansite. Yay!

Saint Clement's Unofficial fansite for Jemaine Clement (also nicknamed Jem, Geranium and other strange names). Joy!

The Video Kid Has a huge gallery. I really mean it, It's huge.

Smoke CDs This is where you can get Flight of The Conchords and Black Seeds CDs.


LOTR sites

  lordoftherings.net The official site of the movies.

The One Ring The one and only TORN. Where inDUHvidual and I first met and typed in cyber space to each other. Where Figwit began… the TORN movie discussion board.

The Encyclopedia of Arda. I bow to the makers of this website. Awesome.

Elf Liberation Society Join the cause! Or else!

The Elfporn Shack HA! I bet you didn't believe that stuff really exists, eh?

LOTR Fanatics plaza Huge Tolkien Community and I mean HUGE.

Another Adoption page This IS another one of those sprite adoption pages but what makes it special is they have Figgy up for adoption :)

Another Billy Boyd Fansite Yes, that IS the name. Coolest.name.ever.

Broken Hearted Rohan Princess This refers to Eowyn, of course. Work in progress!

Corner of Bean Excellent Sean Bean (Boromir) website with tons of info about the actor and his characters.

The Council of Elrond Excellent website- has news, forums, fanart a humor section and much much more.

Craig Parker Chat This is actually a message board. A place to meet other Haldir lovers!

The Dom-Land Caribou LOTR Hockey site. No... really. It started with a misheard line from the movie. It's hilarious!

Erethon- Lorien Elf Purty. Another cool elf page from theargonath.cc.

Faelon, Elven Counsellor Faelon! Brother of Bret McKenzie... or Figwit... we're not clear on that one yet.

Forests of Mirkwood Cool little LOTR website- check out the graphics dection!

The official Fereveldir site This elf extra has an action figure. Dammit.

Fool of a Took Great site for those wanting to find out more on books on Middle Earth not written by Tolkien himself.

Gakka's Isketch & LOTR World Don't be fooled by the URL. This is NOT a Craig David fansite. It's perfectly safe to go in.

Hobbitself Hobbits and elves! Sandwich anyone?

i Nili o i Ardanole Newsletter This is a LotR parody and news e-zine you can subscribe to or read online. It's really good and has a little of everything- check the back issues and see for yourself!

Jorn Benzon Chat A message board dedicated to Jorn Benzon, who played yummy Rumil in FOTR (Haldir's brother).

Large Picture Halls I Bet GreatT LotR parody site.

Larial Tari's LOTR Site Cool little LOTR site, check out the tidbits and opinions section- I agree with them all.

Lord of The Peeps This is H I L A R I O U S

LOTR Action Figure Storybook Got too much spare time? These guys obviously do! They say so themselves.

LOTR Wallpapers A nice collection of LOTR wallpapers.

Meorof Fanclub Headquarters Meorof- Mystery Elf on right of Figwit. Love him or they'll bitch slap you upside the head.

Middle-earth Lovely website that has contests and some gorgeous fanart among other things. Well worth the visit!

Middle Earth Photo Album Ooooo, a Middle Earth photo album. What more do you need. Except Elrond and Figwit fighting over you?

myprecious.co.uk Visually amazing site, with great content, too.

Nevrast- A Lord of The Rings Experience Comprehensive LOTR website with many features and an awesome design.

Over Hill And Under Hill Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson. A few films he made. Great site!

Pink Khaki LOTR magazine thingie. Funny as hell and has great illustrations!

Protector of the Golden Wood A site about Orophin- one of the elves who stand behind Haldir in the movie. He's no Figwit but I like him! ;)

Protectors of Lorien Dedicated to Haldir and his buddies- Orophin and Rumil. Cool beans!

Quintessential LOTR A gem of a site for all LOTR film fans out there. Has a scene by scene image gallery to view.

The Best of Tolkien on the Web An excellent collection of Tolkien related links, divided into categories. Check it out!

Samwise and the Killer Milkshake Ha! You'll have to check for yourself to figure this one out. It's not quite what you think. though.

Sidewalks to Nowhere Excellent collection of links.

Hobbitself Hobbits and elves! Sandwich anyone?

Spiffy Pirate Dude Proof that Figwits can be found anywhere. This time- Pirates of The Caribbean!

Note- yeah I know it's stupid to put websites that start with "The" in the T section. I'm too lazy to fix it, though

The Book The Book is a series of very entertaining stories, some of them are LoTR related. Check it out!

The Brian Elrond Conspiracy spooky!

The Elfie-Boys Really funny fanfics about Figwit and that other blond elf.

The Elves of Mirkwood, Lothlorien and Rivendell Not hard to guess what this one is about. This will never get old!

The Infantry Elf Brigade The long awaited website dedicated to Fereveldir, better known as The Infantry Elf.

The Movies Online Massive compilation of movie-related links. Has a very big LOTR section with sub-categories of it's own!

The Tolkien Music list Amazing website with an exhaustive discography of musical works inspired by Tolkien's work

The Tolkien Obsession Page Hey aren't we all?

The-Shire Fanclub community site run by Skybly.

Tolkien Online AKA TORc. Extensive site about everything Tolkien, has a very big and active community, too.

Vault of Heaven Elrond! "Isildurrrrrrrrrrrrrr" SWOON *THUNK* Mordorrrrrrrrrrrr SWOON *THUNK* Enough said!

Vanima: A Haldir Shrine A very classy Haldir website. Check it out!

Wacko Middle Earth Stuffs MSN community. Guess what it's about. Funny stuff!

War of The Rings One of the best Tolkien websites out there!

Worlds of Fantasy A great MSN community that includes LoTR, of course.

If you know of other sites out there I might like, let me know and I may include them here.


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