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30/12 Madness I tell you! Madness!


  I don't have a lot to report- as expected everyone is too busy being excited about TTT (which reminds me- did you see how Legolas swung himself on that horse? and! and! isn't Gollum the greatest thing since food? and how cool is it when Arwen wasn't in Helms Deep? I loved that part. and dare I say Grima is freakishly sexy? no? er... well, yeah, I was just kidding about that. Sort of. What about Gollum? Gollum is awesome!).

Figwit is NOT in TTT. This is old news for some of you- they wanted to call Bret McKenzie for TTT reshoots but he wasn't in town. You can stop looking for him.

Christmas is over (d'ya get me anything?) but you can find a Figwit carol on the karaoke page (look for the X-Mas tree).
Also, check out this article from the Guardian.

Karaoke page updated.
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Happy New Year!


16/12 Figwit does the World


  A new Figwit article that was first published in the Daily Telegraph has also popped up in other newspapers like the Ottawa Citizen in Canada. Larial Tari tells me that, although all the other TTT articles have been published in the Entertainment section, this article ran in the World section. These people clearly have their priorities straight and I commend that. See the scan or read the transcript.

Thanks to Larial Tari and Greylin for this!


08/12 Flight of The Conchords CD


  Right. So I just realized most of you don't visit the site often (glare), so you're probably not up to date with all the news, so you probably don't know what I'm talking about half the time (sheepish grin), so I'm going to try to make sure everyone understands me this time (blank look).

You can now listen to song excerpts from Flight of the Conchords' live CD (and buy it of course). For those of you who don't know, Figwit's elvish impersonator, Bret McKenzie (I'm not giving in on this yet), is half of New Zealand’s foremost guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo called Flight of the Conchords. I've seen them perform... er... once or twice (innocent look) and they are gloriously silly and enormously talented and not paying me to say this. Listen to track 14 - it's the infamous LOTR parody!

Figments page updated. For those of you who don't know, Figments is where all the Figwit related fan creations are found.

(NOTE: I’m on a sugar low and it makes me do weird stuff.)


22/11 Flight of The Conchords news and self pity


  Flight of The Conchords are in L.A after having shown their talents to evil soul stealing Hollywood industry people earlier this week. They were invited to play there after a talent scout saw them at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Check out this article.
Good luck to them (even though they won't need it)!

Thanks to Sok for this info!

NZ TV show The Living Room has a segment about FoTC in Edinburgh that is going to be aired this Monday, the 25th of November 11:00PM NZ time. Check here for details. The film crew from that show was also at a DVD party that I attended while in Edinburgh. Lucky for all of us, I managed to avoid the camera most of the time. Don't look for me. Really. Don't. Please. I'll give you free elfporn - just don't.

Thanks to Ahriell for this info!

You must have noticed that this site is a little updateless lately. Well, University life can be hectic (pfffft!) but I will do my best to keep you updated with everything.

Thanks to... well, me for this info!


18/11 ***Extended edition DVD goodness!***


  We are so easy to please. Figwit’s screen time has approximately doubled! Keep your eyes open for that heartwarming moment when Figwit glares at Boromir during Boromir’s new “I had a dream” speech at the Council. The real jaw dropper, however, is on Disc 4. Go to “Post Production: Putting it all Together”, then to “Editorial Demonstration: The Council of Elrond.” Check out the raw footage in screen #1 for Figgy showing off his robes to Aragorn, and in screen #3 for two nice sequences of Figgy’s back. Note (in the second sequence in screen 3) the lithe and graceful way he sits down compared to the much less elegant elf next to him. Also on Disc 4, there’s a glimpse of him during the first couple of minutes of “Digital Grading.” My copy of the DVD is still in the mail so I can't give you my opinion yet but if what I heard is true the asthmatics amongst you better keep your inhalers handy, just in case.

Thanks to Quickiegirl for that info!

(Notice that I refrained from making any homoerotic suggestions about Figwit, Boromir or Aragorn. Astounding.)

If you've been wondering what Bret McKenzie is up to these days, check this scan and this newspaper mention. Yes, I know it's a week old but I just had to share that picture with ya'll. Thanks to Frodo's girl and Debbie for those!


10/11 That's the second biggest monkey I've ever seen!


  I'm not sure why I'm telling you this – if you live in New Zealand you probably know more than me – but Flight of The Conchords are returning to The Classic comedy club with two shows this weekend. Check The Classic for details. If you're going and they do a new song called "The Story of How We Met The Most Amazing Girl in Edinburgh, Scotland" let me know.

I can't think of a better explanation for the name Figwit:

Thanks to Lar for this cool banner! If you like those caricatures of Frodo and Figwit, check out his store at CafePress – you can get them on t-shirts there!


04/11 Yayness


  Bret was interviewed recently on a children TV show in NZ. Check out the (adorable) transcript here.

Apparently Figwit can be found on one of the TOPPS movie cards- the back of card number 57, Dissent in the Council. Take a look here.
Big thanks to Sylvia Koester for that one!

Figments page updated.
Karaoke page updated.

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