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09/05 Figpeep Lives!


  You know... it takes real skill to combine my two favorite things - LoTR and food - and make it work, but the people over at Lord of The Peeps did it big time. Figwit makes an appearance in the council of Elrond, of course. Even in his marshmallowee form he manages to overshadow just about everyone around him. There was a slight mixup on the set and Figpeep is actually sitting near Legopeep instead of Aragorn Peep. Check out the website here or take a quick look at Figpeep here.

In fact, Figpeep ALREADY has his own website! I was… umm... gracious enough to host the website for the… hmmm… sad person that made it. Check it out!

Flight of The Conchords gave an excellent performance in the Laugh Gala that was shown on TV2 in NZ. You can watch the show and listen to the song over at whatthefolk.net. Much yayness! Go here.

Links and affiliates updated and I archived the news, like you care.


01/04 The magical bling bling


  Ok everyone! I have an mp3 file of the Zero-G interview for your listening pleasure. The guys gave great performances of "Frodo, Don't Wear the Ring" and "Albi, The Racist Dragon". The quality is not great - I had to reduce it to make the file smaller (7MB). To avoid choppy playback I suggest you download the file to your computer before you listen to it. You can do that by right clicking the link and choosing 'save as'. That way you will also be able to play it again later without having to download it again (and use up bandwidth [hint hint] etc.)

Download it here.
Update:You can listen to "Frodo, Don't Wear The Ring" here. Thanks to Sarah for this! If you like the songs you can buy the Flight of The Conchord CD right here.

And to answer the questions I know will come:

*The blonde wig Bret mentioned is the wig he wore as Legolas' distance double - for one day of filming (and no, sadly this scene did not make it into even the Extended Edition).

*The T-shirts and *groan* thong with the Figwit cartoon that Bret talked about were available at an online store that has since closed. You’ve missed your chance.

*The... “adult fiction” Jemaine was talking about does indeed exist but you won't find it on this website. People who are old enough and interested enough know where to find it!



29/03 Interview on Zero-G


  Very short notice, as usual. Zero-G on station 3RRR FM Melbourne will be doing a live show for April Fool's Day featuring our very own Bret McKenzie! Bret will be interviewed and Jemaine Clement (other half of Flight of The Conchords) will also be there to perform their parody song "Frodo, Don't Wear the Ring". The interview will take place at 1:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time on April 1st.

You can also listen to the broadcast on the net, right here. Of course, Tuesday 01:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time is actually Monday night for most of us. To find out what time to tune in in your country go here and enter April 1st, 1pm, Melbourne. With countries switching to daylight saving time these days it's a bit confusing so I can't guarantee the times are accurate.
I realize the show is on in the middle of the night for many of you so I will do my best to get a copy of that interview to put here.
Big thanks to DiamondTook and Roheryn for helping me by doing my job! *snorfl*

Some people had problems getting to the Figwit Hate Mail page so here is the link again. It should be ok now.

Dublin was fun. Thanks for asking!

Figments updated.
Links page updated.


14/03 Just a quickie (oh grow up!)


  Just a quick update before I leave for the airport (Dublin! it's all about the accents).

You can listen to Flight of The Conchord's song- Frodo, Don't Wear The Ring on Saint Clement's- Jemaine Clement's (new, first and unofficial) fansite. Look under Sounds. It's a radio recording so the quality is not great, plus I think the guys were half asleep because it was 08:00am.
Thanks to Morgan for that one!

And speaking of FoTC- they'll be appearing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. More info here.

Oh and check this out- A new Bret McKenzie unofficial fansite. Yeah baby!

P.S Did I give anyone the impression that I'm the person behind whatthefolk.net? I'm not. You have Wingnut to thank for that :)

And why are people asking me for Orlando Bloom's email address?! Are they just randomly emailing people hoping to reach someone who knows? Does it work?


Does anyone have Alan Rickman's email address?

Links page updated.


03/03 I was just out for milk


  I can't really explain it... but around this time of year all over the net websites suddenly go into hibernation. Why should this website be any different? My excuse- exams followed by laziness.

Right! so about those updates... I'm afraid that some of them are no longer relevant so I'm going to skip them. Soweee!
but check out this article that was published in the Toronto Star. Thanks to Sara and Jaime for this!
And I dedicated a page to Figwit hate mail. About time, eh?

Some random thoughts- I really hope we'll see Figwit in Return of The King. It can happen- reshoots for ROTK haven't started yet. Maybe they can cast him for the role of Elrond's twin sons- Elladan and Elrohir. Double the fun! I'm definitely going to email Peter Jackson/New Line about this.

Since this site was made, several other websites dedicated to several other elves were also created (including one for an elf who is in both movies, has a Decipher card AND an action Figure! Dammit!). I recently discovered this website for Meorof. Meorof is the elf that sits on Figwit's right- most of us remember him as the "Vulcan looking elf". I especially enjoyed the numerous mentions of Figwit and bitch slapping upside the head (those girls are almost as classy as I am).
Thanks to Ashez for this!

Oh and check out this new (unofficial) Flight of The Conchords website. The style of writing is a bit familiar... don't you think so? ;)

Gallery updated,
Links page updated.


20/01 Ummm.... news.


  Check out this recent article from The Press. (According to the last article, I study in Britain [I don't] and now Arwenelf has joined me! I'm so glad she decided to join me in my imaginary quest for education in Britain - we can keep each other company and pass notes during lectures in class 3B at Unseen University.)
Thanks to Ataahua for this!

And for the Kiwi Figwitters - Flight of The Conchords are back with a new show at Batz theater. There are only a few shows left so if you want to see them, hurry up!
Thanks to Frodo's girl for this.

Figments updated (among other things with a new arena fight - Figwit vs. Legolas Round 3. Those fights are fixed, I'm tellin’ ya).
Karaoke page updated.
Limericks page updated.
Links page updated.


06/01 New article


  There's a new Figwit article... well, sorta. It's almost the same as the Daily Telegraph article that was recently published but if you're bored, you can pass time by spotting all the mistakes (HINT: there are 6 in total).
(I didn't realize I'm studying in Britain but I guess that explains the sudden wintry weather and Bret, I hope you're recovering from all the "mobbing" but really, you should know better than coming up to us with food in your hands.)

What else? Ah yes - Figments and Links pages updated!

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