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13/12 - 12/01


  Figwit Lives! wasn't updated because of er.... technical issues. Yeah. That.

12/12 Tentmoot 2003 cancelled


  Tentmoot 2003 has been cancelled. Why am I telling you this? Well, Bret McKenzie was supposed to be a guest there with his band, The Black Seeds. If you already got tickets (so you're the one!) go here and get a refund.

Speaking of Bret McKenzie and music, a 12" EP was released last month on Capitalrecordings- "Flash Harry vs. The Video Kid". (Bret is The Video Kid, Black Seed Barnaby Weir is Flash Harry). I haven't been able to listen to the samples but maybe you'll have better luck.
Thanks to Jessie for this one!

Figments updated.

UPDATE: More from Bret McKenzie- check out The Less Van website for a nice new video with Flight of The Conchords. Awwwwwwwww...


06/12 meh...


  First of all: The elf in this picture? Not Figwit. It looks like him, it fits the "elf escort" description, but it's not him. He was looking a bit dodgy anyway, so there. Hmph.
A big thank you to Candice and Mora for the wake up call.

Next- There is a *second* TOPPS card featuring Figwit; you can see it right here.
Thanks to all the people who emailed!

I'm getting very confused. The Figwit in the new TOPPS card doesn't look like the Figwit in the autographed TOPPS card who looks nothing like the original FOTR Figwit who looks like the guy in this picture but is not him. Not long before things will clear up now!

Figments updated.
Karaoke updated.
Added buddy icon links to all the buddy icons on Figments.
Added a few belated Thank You's to About Us.


25/11 Foiled again!


  A couple of new Figwit items have surfaced – I didn't want to post them at first because I still want people to be surprised when sitting in the theater (I'm bossy like that). This has become common knowledge by now so I might as well mention it but...FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T OPEN THESE LINKS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS BEFORE. Why? Well er... you see these images, and then you get a phone call and this melodic voice tells you you have 7 days to live. Yeah that's it. You see Figwit, and then you die. If you've already seen them... well then, you're screwed.

First of all: The autographed TOPPS card. Yeah, I know. Looks nothing like the Figwit we know. I can't explain it but I did get a few suggestions from friends - it's Figwit's doppelganger, it's an experiment with strawberry hairdye gone wrong, it's because he's not pouting or shouting, it's because they couldn't get the real Figwit to pose for merchandise items. Pick one or all or come up with something yourself.
Thanks to bunny of many colors for this!

Second – this picture (BIG spoiler here).
No comments here. Looking good, though.

More news – Bret and his band, The Black Seeds, have been invited to play at TentMoot this year. TentMoot is a five day festival-style LOTR convention. Bret will also be doing Q&A sessions and signing autographs so if you live around Portland, Oregon you might want to check it out. More Black Seeds gigs along the US West Coast may happen after TentMoot, too. TentMoot is also looking for sponsors to help with the costs for flying the band over so if you think you can help go here.


08/11 I give up


  I tried to keep you guys spoiler free. I wanted you to be surprised when you first watched the movie. Silly me for trying.

Yes! Figwit is in Return of The King.

I know. Whoa.

Do you people realize you’re responsible for changing the script of this huge, blockbusting, Oscar winning masterpiece?

I think it's hilarious that any number of petulant "add this" petitions or angry "change that" emails to production companies can't do what a couple of quirky little websites and a bunch of silly fans can (quite unintentionally, I should point out).

I think we can all pat ourselves on the back now.

But enough with the sappiness.

In case you’re still wondering, Figwit is definitely NOT the elf reforging Anduril. According to imdb.com, he's an "Elf Escort". (So many... crude jokes to make... brain... shutdown... pain... the pain….) [geeky editor’s note: *snicker*. They’ve played right into our hands with *that* description.]

In other news, Flight of The Conchords have been chosen to lead the campaign for British Phones4U. The ad’s quite amusing, and even though it's a commercial, it has a definite Conchordishness about it. Check this website for the ad and other goodies. (I should warn you: once you hear that jingle, you’ll be singing “Everyone get into a big canoe, row it on down to Phones 4 U” to anyone who’ll listen – and probably many who’d rather not.)

Thanks to Wingnut, Dane, TheLadyGreenleaf and all the other people who emailed!

That lovely piece of fanart on top was done by Brianna Garcia.

Made additions to Figments, Faq, links, newsflash. Also archived news.


28/09 Purists can relax and go back to playing with their action figures


  Quick update- no time for anything else. Some random elf was spotted in the ROTK trailer and some people believe it's Figwit. I personally don't. check out the screen capture:

Is it me or does this guy looks totally CG?


16/09 Figwit TOPPS Card


  The big news: Bret McKenzie has a TOPPS card. An Autographed TOPPS card.

*pause for squealing*

No, really. I'm just as surprised as you are. Check out this link.

You might have noticed that the card is in the ROTK section. Does that mean Figwit is in ROTK? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe they’ve just decided it was time to give Figwit the recognition we knew he deserved two movies ago. We shouldn’t count our Figwits before they’re plucked.

*pause for groaning*

Flight of The Conchords are touring England and Ireland at the moment. Dates and venues here. Also, check out this article from Capital Times. Thanks to Frodo's Girl for that one!

FAQ updated - I brought back a couple of old bits and added a couple of new ones.
Figments updated - added thumbnail previews for some entries.
Links updated.


21/08 FoTC news


  Flight of The Conchords are doing very well over at the Edinburgh Fringe festival (The biggest arts festival in the world. Try to keep up).
They've just been nominated for a Perrier award- The Perrier Comedy award is the UK's premier comedy award, now in its 23rd year. A nomination usually means you get full houses for the next couple of years and winning means you can charge ridiculous prices for tickets while you're at it. Congrats!

FoTC already won an equally important competition this year- the #1 place on the "Top 5 festival hunks". Bret and Jemaine were both named but they focused on Bret and his "orgasmic bone structure"(!) see it out here. *snorfl*

They also got a 4 star review from the all important Scotsman and a bunch of other great reviews you can read ,here and here.

Wait. I'm not done yet. Check out this article from The Guardian.

Last not but least- theonering.net posted a couple of reports from people who went to see the show/met the guys here and here.

Thanks to Sarah for her help!

Figments updated.
Karaoke updated.
Links updated.


06/08 I've been here before...


  Seems like I only update when I'm about to go on a flight somewhere. Probably means I should go on holidays more often? I like that thought.
Things are quiet so you haven't missed much besides a couple of cool things:

This month's issue of Australian magazine The Big Issue has an article about Figwit. I'll post a scan when I can but meanwhile read the article here and the unpublished version here. Many thanks to Joanne for this!

Flight of The Conchords will be performing at the Edinburgh fringe festival this year again! If you have a chance- go see them. The show is great. More details here and here and while you're at it- here.

I had some technical problems with my email account recently and some emails were deleted. If I did not reply to you or did not update with your news/figments/links I apologize! Email me again.

Lovely fanart by Tathren!

Figments updated.
Newsflash updated and links are fixed.
Links updated.

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