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  Right. This doesn't have a lot with Figwit but dammit, this is my site and I can put pictures of Colin Firth in regency costumes here if I want to.

It's a collection of sentences we heard/said that are weird, disturbing, or just plain funny out of context.

Greenwood Hobbit (Two days before joining us in Edinburgh): "So what is this Figwit?"

Probono: "You slept with my goat!"

Creepy photographer dude: "TEETH! I WANT TO SEE TEETH!!!"

Bret to Beleth: "You don't come across as a blonde bimbo."

Random comedian to inDUH and Beleth: "Are you two a couple?"

Roheryn: "Bold off, you snoggering wonker!"

inDUH is losing it: "I have a split personality. Me too! Me too! Me too!"

Beleth is also losing it: "I AM MY SHOES!"

Roheryn is her usual self (about pizza): "I'm not putting it in my mouth if it's droopy."

Random stupid girl to blind man with seeing-eye dog on the street: "Is there a power cut? Are the lights out?"

Stan to Roheryn, as he vaults across a chair flailing at her: "Your hair's on fire!!!"

Taika: "Oh yeah, I've seen plenty of German porn magazines."

Roheryn (who has hearing problems) (to Stan): "Sucking on Figwit? I thought you just said... sucking on Figwit."

The very sweet local bus driver trying to explain directions to us very stupid tourists: "Ferelk roundabout eifkepw roundabout mjfow jdioq roundabout jeiqhm"

Beleth: "...an orange light in the dark, a very soft ringtone and a vibrating phone next to my bed... tehe... text messages in the dark..."

Random Scotsman: "Hey! Do you want to swap some trousers, mate?"

Arwenelf (to Taika): "That's a dinky little toy you have there."

inDUH and Roheryn: "HEY! Nice fire exit over there!"

inDUH: "Why'd you leave the kids on the table?"

Roheryn: "Did someone leave the kids on the table again?"

Probono: "Let's play jenga with the kids on the table."

inDUH: "I only messed with Figwit's hair; she grabbed Legolas' bum."

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