24/05/2002 A new site is under way... but first we need to drag ourselves away from the elf porn.
Some say he can't talk.
Others say he simply chooses not to.

Some say he is Legolas' 'companion'.
Others say he is his archenemy.

Some think he looks like a horse.
Others have impeccable taste.

The list goes on and on- we don't know a lot about Figwit.

However, there is one thing we do know - he is gorgeous.

In this site you will find all the information that
has been uncovered.
Enjoy your stay and always remember:  Figwit Lives!

This site was lovingly crafted by inDUHvidual and Arwenelf to worship his gorgeousness, the one and only FIGWIT.

We would like to thank
TOR.n. Without their discussion boards none of this would have happened.