Q: Who is Figwit?
A: Figwit is one of the elves from the Council
of Elrond. He has dark hair. He has no audible speaking lines.
He is, in a word, gorgeous.
Or another, stunning.
Or another, enigmatic.
Or another, hypnotic.
Or another, stupendous.
Or another, captivating.
Take your pick.
We go with all of the above and then some.

Q: Why is he called Figwit? Is that his real name?
A: Figwit stands for "Frodo is grea...who is THAT?!" We don't know his real name.
If you're really desperate you can call him Figgy,
(very loose translation of 'fig' and 'wit'), The Silent One, Feathers (don't ask),
and of course Gorgeous.

Q: So why do you say "Frodo is grea.. who is THAT?!"
A: When Frodo says "I will take it!", we are so impressed we start to think
"Frodo is great!"  But before we finish that thought, the camera pans and we
see Figwit, smouldering enigmatically in the background and all our Frodo thoughts
are whisked away by that elf - who is THAT?!  He's gorgeous!

Q: He doesn't seem to say anything. Can he talk?
A: Well... He did say *something* during the 'argument scene'.
Sadly, unless you happen to be able to lip read Elvish, you will never know
what it is he said. Until that scene, he smouldered in a silent and provocative way,
his silence speaking louder than any voice there. Looking gorgeous.

Q: So...where and when exactly can I see him?
A: During the council of Elrond, he sits next to Aragorn until they all stand up
and begin to argue. After Frodo shouts "I will take it"
and everyone turns and looks at him, you see Figwit standing - on the far right,
looking perfect, pouty, and gorgeous.

Q: I heard he is actually one of Elrond's sons -Elladan or Elrohir. Is this true?
A: No. Look at pictures from the council - you can see Elrond's sons on either
side of him (
click here). So not gorgeous.
Figwit sits next to Aragorn. And looks gorgeous.

Q: What about the possibility of him being Galdor or Erestor?
A: Look at the facts:
In the book, the only named elves present at the Council are:
Elrond, his sons, Glorfindel, Erestor the Chief councillor, and
Galdor, who is a messenger from Cirdan the shipwright of the Havens.
Figwit could be any one of these except Glorfindel, who is a blonde.
The rumour that he is Legolasís travelling comapnion is unfounded.
Whoever he is he will remain Figwit in our hearts and be jaw-droppingly gorgeous forever.

Q: Do you know the name of the actor who plays Figwit?
A:No mere actor could portray our Figwit! No actor could be our gorgeous elf! We
have however heard there is an Elvish impersonator out there called Bret
McKenzie. And he is so convincing that many think he is Figwit. But we are
not fooled one little bit. Figwit lives!

Q: Are you on any medication?
A: In a word.... @#%^*hdye!*JI+)&@~?$&*

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to feel like it or whenever we change our socks and remove our tin foil hats!
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