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23/05 Review of Flight of The Conchords


  Went to see Flight of the Conchords, co-starring the world-famous Bret McKenzie, currently playing as part of Aucklands comedy festival. Sat about eight/ten feet from the stage and had a great view for nearly 1½ hours of the gorgeous pouty one.

Hes a talented lad good sense of comic timing and he has a great singing voice. Very wide range can do girly soprano all the way down to rumbling bass. He works extremely well with his stage partner Jemaine Clement, and their backing band of eight was cool too.

Their songs were fabulous very cleverly written and funny. I especially enjoyed the one sung in French, Barry White-style (anyone else remember him?) -breathless, basso profundo and deeply sexy. The lyrics were total nonsense (voulez-vous Francais? / le menage a trois / vous, moi, et le baguette) and they sang it all with completely deadpan faces.

They also acknowledged FOTR with a song comprised of quotes from the movie, for example:

Jemaine …you have my sword… (in earnest, serious,pledging mode)
Bret …and my bow… (in high pitched nancing elfmode)
Jemaine …and my axe! (in demented mode, with Bret glaring sideways at him)

Excellent stuff. LMAO.

We brought them back for three encores, including a great little number called "Love is the Weapon of Choice"...with lyrics something like "we want sweet sixteens, not F16s..."

Thinking of going again!

Morgana Le Fey