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  Always by princess Health warning for Legolas Lovers
(Crawling by Linkin Park)
  Breath Oh Figwit by Esmerelda Moss
(Hit me Baby by Britney Spears)
  Cute Figwit Guy by Jingles the Elf
(American Pie by Don McLean)
  Don't Cry For Me, Figwit Baby (Legolas' Theme) by Celandine Brandybuck
(Don't Cry For Me Argentina from Evita)
  Figwit by Cherrie
(Yellow by Coldplay)
  Figwit by Sally Gardens
(Daniel by Elton John)
  Figwit! by Foe-Hammer of Gondolin
(Whip it! by Devo)
  Figwit, I'm in Love by DiamondTook
(Friday, I'm in Love by The Cure)
  Figwit Lives! by by Alatáriël and Tori
(Alright by Supergrass)
  Figwit Sits and Stares by Lisa the pefy turtle hobbit
(The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
  Figwit's Song by Hobbit-Of-No-Intelligence
(Adam's Song by Blink 182)
  I Want Figwit! by Threthiel
(I Want Candy by Strangelove)
  Known by Lass
(Everywhere by Michelle Branch)
  Legolas by Eryn Lasgallen
(Adrienne by The Calling)
  Legolas! by Kris
(Delilah by Tom Jones)
  Homage to Legolas- I Will Survive by Anna Bloom Legolas Lovers strike back
(I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor)
  Love Being An Elf by Foe-Hammer of Gondolin
(Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol)
  My Name is Figwit by Vervandril Greenleaf
(I Want it That Way by The Backstreet Boys)
  O Figgy Dear by Jaisha1
(O Christmas Tree)
  Pout by Foe-Hammer of Gondolin
(Shout by Tears for Fears)
  Pouty Stare by Candice
(Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down)
  Pretty Figwit by TheLidlessEye
(Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison)
  Rivendell Marquee by TheLidlessEye
(Copacobana by Barry Manilow)
  The Dirty Figgy by Glarawen
(The Dirty Boogie by The Brian Setzer)
  The Star by Ashez
(The Scientist by Coldplay)
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