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Pretty Figwit by TheLidlessEye

(Sing to the tune of "Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison)

Pretty Figwit, sitting on the chair
Pretty Figwit, that elf can really stare
Pretty Figwit
I don't believe that you canít talk
No one has seen you move and walk

Pretty Figwit, won't you look at me?
Pretty Figwit, I couldn't help but see
Does that wig fit?
You look as lovely as Leggy
Are you lonely just like me

Pretty Figwit, walk a while
Pretty Figwit, talk a while
Pretty Figwit, give your phial to me!
Pretty Figwit, yeah yeah yeah
Pretty Figwit, stare my way
Pretty Figwit, say you'll stay with me
'Cause I need you, I'll seat you right
Come with me he-elf, be mine tonight

Pretty Figwit, donít act all dumb
Pretty Figwit, get off your bum
Pretty Figwit, don't sit tight, hey, okay
If that's the way it must be, PJ
I guess I'll go on home, it's late
There'll be tomorrowís show, but wait!
What do I see?
Is he walking up to me?
Yeah, he's walking up to me!
Oh, oh, Pretty Figwit!!!
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