Figwit! by Foe-Hammer of Gondolin

(Sing to the tune of "Whip it!" by Devo)

Dark haired elf
In love with himself
Has a blank stare
Donít mess up his hair

At the council of Elrond
It is Figwit
He is not the bottle blonde
It is Figwit
Donít think he will respond
It is Figwit

Its Figwit
Canít escape
He is DUHís
Soul mate
Step forward
Nothing said
Lego rejected
DUH wants a date
With Figwit
Figwits good!

With a pout thatís so renowned
It is Figwit
Donít want him to stare you down
Beware of Figwit
Hear about him every day
The mighty Figwit
I say Figwit
Figwits good
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